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 [Is that all there is to] LOVE - Rachel Warriner  A Camouflage Garden For Ian Hamilton Finlay by David Wheatley                                                                                          The Museum of Improvisation by Rupert Loydell   Memnoir by Joan Retallack    Topography by Stacy Cartledge   Mnemosyne by Alison Croggon   Recycler's Handbook by William Marsh     Trevor Joyce's CD     Plunge by Harriet Zinnes   Daylight Saving Sex by Randolph Healy   Luminarias, Familiar Hinges by Sheila E. Murphy   Sojourns by Allen Fisher   Dark Ground by David Miller   Mouthpuller - an audio CD featuring Maurice Scully and Randolph Healy   For the Fallen by Richard Caddel   Untitled Sequence by Peter Riley   Quadriverse by Mairead Byrne, Gabriel Gudding, Maighread Medbh and Randolph Healy   The Pillar by Mairead Byrne   Faint Optimism by Keith Waldrop   Blackwards by Rosmarie Waldrop   Holding Patterns by Susan M. Schultz   Travelling Mercies by Guy Birchard   Sheep Dip by John Kinsella   A Small Book of Songs by Billy Mills   Without Asylum by Trevor Joyce   Scales by Randolph Healy   Multiplex by Karen Mac Cormack and Ron Silliman   20/20 Vision by Pete Smith   Tiny Pieces by Billy Mills   Syzygy by Trevor Joyce   Flame by Randolph Healy   Another Ireland - an essay by Robert Archambeau   Citation Suite by Robert Archambeau   Postlude by Maurice Scully   Interlude by Maurice Scully   Prelude by Maurice Scully   Arbor Vitae by Randolph Healy   Rana Rana by Randolph Healy