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14.2 x 21 cm, 32 pages, green card cover, green endpapers, sewn with green embroidery thread. 

Price €5.

ISBN 978 1 903090 58 9

(c) Sarah Hayden 2013.

Sarah Hayden is presently editing her book on Mina Loy and avant-garde artisthood while working on translations of French Dada poetry. She is also involved with SoundEye and the Avant in Cork .

Exteroceptive brings together the poems Optic, Auditory, Proprio, Olfactory, Haptic and Hypogeusic.

Cover illustration: R. Healy.

See below for an extract.

from Exteroceptive



green things crushed underfoot

bark wetly split

a small nicked vein


this atmosphere

pumped thick and tight

            the endpoints of its elastic compass   sought out and inhabited without hesitation

                        filled with this rich vegetal reek

renders the sum of all

a fatted liver


scoliotic youths lounge

among the wider branches   jaded panthers


feeling themselves


more aptly aligned

 they sigh hotly, abrading petulant mouths


under a cap of tintinnabulating pondweed


            tightsuckingly hanging

            and unconcernedly inverted

watersnails hum the conspiracies of a society              unsurveilled


innerear migrants

they spin


from stalk to stem

propelled by (im)pulses undivined

and agglutinative


wrapping the air

            round and through

miniaturized insects emit radio static


of their snowdriven transmissions drag and stick moreishly


when massed in sufficient numbers


in wing-ed drifts

against walls …

phonemes coagulate

whole sentences compose themselves in a slow ear


they crackle a documentary

            20 years après la lettre

invidious horror                        the giddy toasting of a pre-Foucauldian panopticon and

            sometimes the shipping news.

Are those the faro islands? Are these?


all the while

barnacled marbles circumscribe a velodrome