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13.5 x 21 cm, 16 pages, 160 gsm pastel green card cover, black endpapers, hand sewn with green embroidery thread.  

ISBN 1 903090 51 2  

Written in the Summer of 2008 during a process of dispersal, recollection and redecoration.

The seven syllable line used in this poem is appropriated from the cynghanedd metre of Welsh Poetry.

To obtain a copy please write to Wild Honey Press, 16a Ballyman Road, Bray, County Wicklow Ireland.

Payment can be made in any amount to a charity of your choice.

Click here to view Ian Davidson's author page at Shearsman Books.

 from Into Thick Hair:

Your thick hair extended your
Thin snakeskin trousers or your
Little pill box still pills for-
Gotten taken overseas little
Children cats little kittens

Your thin arms legs their arms thin
Your legs walking embracing
Arms humility brown eyes
Dark hair humbled embracing
Insecurity jealousy

My lower orders your upper
Set cavities some things
Are important enough to
Be worth saying like uppers
And on them the little cats

All ears listening having gone
To bed and lying some things
Are not worth saying under
The covers embracing and
Moments outside and moments