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14x21 cm, 28 pages, 250 gsm green Strata card cover, 
sewn with green twist. 

Cover illustration: Venn's visual representation of randomness generated from the first 707 decimal digits of Pi

ISBN 1 903090 33 4 

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from Memnoir

Curiosity and the Claim to Happiness

Studies have shown that the brain
                                        prefers unpredictable pleasures.

Present Tense

                       it’s said that it happens even in nature e.g.during the childhood the mother might have (had) a taste for film noir and take(n) the child along

                                                                                     my machine is hooked up to (my machine) things inaccessible to the precise methods of a Brazilian bookmobile being hijacked in a dark underground garage fiction is precisely what they now call non-fiction too get a bit too presonal i.e. Eurydice my dark darling don’t worry I can bear your not looking at me she cri(ed) out i.e. hoping it (was) true

                                                    (now) (here) together in the mix of the modern metropolis Rio Vienna Paris Tokyo Moscow Lagos New York Bombay London Mumbai he and she both feel close to the idealized neuron in the book

some of the diffuse sensations of early childhood may still surprise us as we consider their names e.g. joy frustration shame anxiety love honor rage fear anger wonder curiosity disgust surprise longing humor pride self-respect fear but not terror fear but not horror

                                                                              the mother might not like surprises e.g. wanting to know for how many generations a Negro in the bloodlines can produce a “throwback” the child later recalls recoils at this use of memory does not know what to say for a very long time  The soul is inwardness, as soon as and insofar as it is no longer outwardness; it is memoria, insofar as it does not lose itself in curiositas.

                                                                                           otherwise one could ask at any moment e.g. in what story does an uninvited goddess walk in and roll a golden ball down the hall or why not enjoy the story of lovers in the same vein from different centuries but in the same story from different worlds but in the same story I write down my dreams this was not one of them i.e. for a very long time the child want(ed) more than she could say to not want more than she could say i.e. impossible according to any simple formula for mirroring backgrounds

                                                                                                                                       if but for the accidental clause the swerve of curiosity on the monkey bars the flash-bulb memory the wall of fire outside the window and or of something as vague as living in time for a time near what seem to be others near things swept into the stream of self-translation in the coincidental flow of events near disregarded syllables suddenly audible vol up sudden outburst of song Ha it’s too funny how funny it is to feel sometimes and not others how to remotely sense the beautiful violence in the brevity i.e. the spilt second glance

without yards of shimmering adjectives 
description: is description possible can a sunrise
be described by yards of shimmering adjectives

 While the curate was saying this, the lass in boy’s clothing stood as if spellbound, looking first at one and then at another, without moving her lips or saying a word, like a rustic villager who is suddenly shown some curious thing that he has never seen before…she gave a deep sigh and broke her silence at last….Doing her best to restrain her tears, she began the story of her life, in a calm, clear voice.