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Feelin groovy

It's a baby blue whipped cream kinda sky
too bright too papaperfect to be real and
all the greens are plastic lime fresh and
all the yellows are chiffon smooth icing

I never dropped anything intentionally
but there are Peter Maxx backdrops here
if it weren't for the trash on the floorboard
I'd be afraid I'd crossed over some rainbow

bridged every Gap commercial on a string
tied around my finger in a big bow knot
I can feel my clothes but I know I'm naked
under everyone else is too all are perfect tans

do you know the way to San Tropez?
I want a burger right now onions pickles
I want the special at Applebee's red ketchup
home fries and a blue ocean frozen margarita

maybe it's clarity hitting me in the face
I could be due to die this afternoon
and this is like nesting right before
the baby comes and everything changes

I don't wanna close my eyes let it go
not yet if it's in my head I'm moving there
There's a Wonkavision in the car in beside me
Hey! let's make love while we still look good

that bright white shirt is a Tide testimonial
your hair all rootbeer brown and ponytailed
I wanna make a baby that looks like you
do you wanna live forever? I do I always have

wanted to stop the cars right there in the road
and stroll to any convenient park to roll
like barrels down smooth slopes of maribou
grass in Easter egg pastels licking my fingers

clean of workaday troubles so all the touches
feel like starlight all the kisses sound like spheres
every color makes a prism out of lightning
and we all sparkle like snow on mountaintops

perception is nine tenths of the letter of the law
it's the universe that can be bent out of joint
when love takes the mind out of madness
to warp the mundane into the feel of wet clay

to throw a vase to put my eyes in a box to hold
a song out of cedar for the smell of fresh fire
and if wine will ever last beyond the first taste
I can fall asleep till morning if I hear you speak.