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previous I did everything I could for this country... And what do they do? Stick me
with 60000 Germans out beyond Lands End! English people don't mean nothing to me. I've never had an English woman. I'd like to see this country
absolutely vaporised.

I'd give 'em bloody terror. The Germans know about terror. That's where
terror comes from. Dresden?!

I'd like to see this city flattened. Berlin was flattened. Thousand bomber
raids. You should have seen it. That's what should happen here. English
people don't mean fourpence to me....

I couldn't do it on my own. I'd like to see this country really go for it.
Bloody Samaritans. There's a bloke there says the bible means faith, hope
and charity. And I said the only real power is the cosh.

And Christ's hanging there. Christ. He's buggered my life, I'll tell you.

They stopped the Samaritans seeing me. That's how much they care. I said to some guy I'd wait till this country went up its own backside.

This country is going straight up its own backside; and I'll help it. With
my cosh.

And they really went to town on Churchill, didn't they?

Women and children first! He really did it, old Churchill. The uncontrolled
flood, old Churchill. And Scotland?! That Socrates. I could piss on this
country the way it's treated me. How many people died in Coventry? 9000?

40000 a night in Germany. And, once the bloody Samaritans found out my
mother and father are dead and I ain't got no kids, the police said We'll
take over his care. It's one of the issues of being adopted, seeing people
die, you know.

Old Pontius Pilate. He was a wonderful guy. You know. I've got cancer now; but, you know, over thirty years, I worked it out. It's still the '80s.
Relatively, it is, you know. You know.

They ask you "How are you, son?" and I answer.

I answer.

Hound of the fucking Baskervilles, I am.

I'd like to see this country really get it. I'd pay it out.