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And Lauren said to me:
it's about that, which was pertinent
as it concerned Belfast
where she grew up

while Roger said and too
it's that, to which I nodded

as he comes from France
so he should know
and worried we were

about Ken
who remarked out the blue
that he wanted to go back in hospital

(as in the nuthouse as in a psychiatric
ward, asylum that does not offer

anything of the sort:

I was talking to this guy earlier, Geoff
who is a carpenter

who was working up there and they locked
him in a room

for his own safety
talk about fire regs

because of the murderers because
of this woman bigger than the Williams sisters combined
who it took six nurses to subdue)

And then Lauren said again:
that's it

and we'd found it

the meaning of it all
and a breeze blew through

the beehives of our brains
and as the buzz subsided
we walked away

(while I said yes yes that's it
and my eyes roved
Lauren's bum)

knowing and not knowing
whatever it was

we had and hadn't found.