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Hi George

I'm at St. Peter's House in New Orleans
in early March and it's a sunny day. By
which sunny meaning what exactly?

I left out Burgundy, where this house is
located I'm leaving already.

Red streak decays beginning to become like
click blind
like (almost simultaneous click)

a one-way crossing an empty ahead razor-
wire bubble on the canvas turning into of

sweeping that shadow nod.
From a flesh which could tender the overlaid
and under protected soil here.

From an inclination to gather and to go on
gathering likeness vents

had err
swept into the arms of a
wrapper becoming

rude picture of fresh
on that had crane today tuned

clean teams were western executive
iron-clad and finger-claw bouquet
ca-ko-ca (exhaust approaching).

That among hard gesticulating male
drone overhead fort forming a rainstorm

dazzle as turning
into a drive imitating
a shower to siren new tone.

Hem pan
cracking open a living shell of thought.

Corner pocket
leaving the security
of spare entire and rodeo intact

though sparkling a corner
on which the Burgundians gather

to, oh I don't know, patio reality
and plotting that living fresh humility
engaging Pinkertons to bill your time.

Mesh after mesh indicating
a conversation stop here by the wax musuem

public parking and and three-legged hullo
ain't fff district worlds
in the best of all somehow that possible

happened protected by
three three three whose tending that cubed

gone in slacks to the world of trademarks.
I filed a report on it and then got closer
in, you know, the sparkle from the works.

A rouge tagged pigeon hole and officially
twisted before being discarded.

I wondered somehow how disbelief might
happen here in the arms of a mini-storage
as an oversized bloody mary

flickering on the wall from
which Hurricane Broker shots

chewing gum
in an open

interconnecting splinters
and cliche lack of knot

achieving the smart understanding
foreclosure has curbed
an erratic

craftsman inducing the viewing of gold
on-line, so you can't get at it alright.

I'll take that warning attempting to bump up
the prices with a puzzled hip replacement
indicating increasingly windblown commentary

and the order of viewing had
known this decay had

deranged from an elegant
almost gifted fashionable
Lord of the Wall

deranged by supervisory distances despatched
a clammy wholesale compacted risk

increasingly piercing the shell around whose
rim which could be beaded
shit I've got something in my eye

dress up that red canal slim
it's gone all

slam quizzical enterprise
gaps through rainbow closing down

your ticket to the free guide loved.
In a unique oil picking nervously

then valeted anniversary
lift out that singular
breaking focus

to un-gentrify those frames another
beaded bough chips from flattening screens

as sensible
stepping the milk of apparel
you know we're gonna lean on where

sport that plus
plastic Naz

his disposable holding his book in his hands
a mirage could accommodate
a little fancy foot-action maybe

guiding the perfume
dream an addled elevator

random tantalising that
locker giggle driven
higgledy-piggledy by fantasy

she takes her hand away
translated from an animal jacket

through plaster
screened off
the evolution of the plottish

a scoop, from which
twelve killed and thirteen wounded
might develop a thread

of zydeco beads under construction here
the arm-in-arm menagerie of fear masked

fresh champagne in a cool climate on Friday
whose growing tradition, open to
created a button and clutching royale

had previously jogged
out of his memory

to give something of the cycle requiring
focus gone blind and walled this city
shaded to become

the openness of conversation interesting
breeze that forges contestable verging

on boiled prawn breaking out of spontaneous
footsteps shaped like a plangent
comparative jewellery

burst beneath bones
into galleries

that seek to integrate
of this

already accessory


[from : 'the church, the school, the beer' transcribed verbatim from a video walk March New Orleans, 2001]