PoetryEtc Featured Poet: Mark Weiss   

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Summer? In Sumer
I'd expect it.
But here?

Waver of light rising
off the tarmac.

In such a state
tire tracks.

...and if I were a bird
I would fly away...

Harvest moon
through smoke
rising, enormous.

Filtered by leaves the light
stains your face.

Made love to
on the deep soft
purple duff.

Come out come out come all ye
wherever you are.

Easy to leave
this morning.

A mountain somewhere
with something on it.

Having pissed, polar bear
is whiter
than snow.

Frozen, Moon River flows
through frozen fields.

Each day the bird
has learned
a different tune.

Repetition the wild card
in this game.

Who wrote who wrote who
wrote the
book of love?

Ask her: who wrote, wrought
what? "Which needs?" she says.

First there is
a mountain
with a white bear.

Fly away, build a nest
and shriek your heart out.

Only bees
can understand
the flowers.

One can refuse to be
reborn, maybe.