PoetryEtc Featured Poet: Liz Kirby

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Gertrude Says Something Nice (For a Change)

stare at this pillow slows the plant of look
implodes with straw grieves pins the trashy seam
prayer with some plastic far glands tea with cake
or blow glower sweat holes crazies banned stronger pulls
matte several step curds liver no sir game
but our cold
shut dour bold raids few red dens singers fall
care from the attendant row spar maisonette bleeds
clamoring through pang damn never us shiver spoke
then brown were needy sofas crammed in stealth
                                                            and herself
spell sinner speaking shook fur troves dead bride
hand purblind spike in style tray saw her cup
and mermaid like awhile
inch crime be haunted catches avoid days
has gone with staplegun brother loan this dress
pour strike her feature stative grand in proud
win though at sentiment cut song with hood rot see
still rat turned armament ready in the sink
                                    heavy with their drink
fooled implore stench come blur store for us pay

few ruddy breath