Joe Green's Review of The Moon Sees The One by Candice Ward at PoetryEtc.

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I got home a few hours ago and found a copy of Candice Ward's chapbook in the mail. I've just finished reading it. Twice. And I'll be reading it again and again. The poems are absolutely poems most rare. Not one is derivative, not one was really like anything I've read. I think I once read that, in Irish folktales, one doesn't really know when one has passed from this world into the world of Faerie--not right away--(I probably got this from G.K. Chesterton) . . . it just happens and you begin to notice a certain difference, a strangeness, colors more vibrant or wan, everything sharper . . . some place absolutely real.
And, really, for me these poems create another world. One particular grace--one I noticed when I read her poem "Vertigo under Mistletoe"--is somehow making words from fine old ancient hoards (words like "laurel" and "cherry" and "starry" and "dun" and "char") come back with all of the old associations, through all the haphazardness of outworn poesies and
come back to be there again--the same, the different, the essence somehow recovered and new in a new world .

Joe Green