Poem in Spring



and remains separate from
A boy is following him,
trying to keep in step.
Success, then he begins to lag.
And the difference increases
until he has to make a small
jump to get back in phase.

A king crab with a lighted tallow on its back
pushed into a burrow by fishermen
to frighten the rabbits into nets -
Bembridge, Isle of Wight.
Ends.  Recall the very complex
nimble cavorting of tiny bubbles
as water is poured into a glass
in a dark room.
Hard to catch.  Again.
Lost in a library: 
a print of a painting in a cave near the White Sea
three men ski-ing down a hill, laughing their heads off,
19000 B.C.
Noted, this time on a strand,
"At night the unstable surface
becomes more reflective"
reads silver on the dark

Who saw a book?
Who wanted to start from luminous statements
and finally catch the world?
The magnet effect,
the attraction which two rhythms have for one another.


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