Eutyches, archimandrite of Constantinople,
evidenced a disordered mind
in accusing Eusabius of heresy
and so was deposed, excommunicated,
restored then excommunicated again, 451.
And his own heresy:
of but not in two natures
affirming the consubstantiality of Christ with our flesh
but denying the reality of His two distinct natures.

vast aerial views
hardly anyone
enormous strength
trapped in a brutish
hot dark

One night, when he was little,
the window by his bed, which lacked curtains,
so worked on his mind that he cried out
saying that the Accuser
was stretched out at ease on the sill,
smiling, beckoning to him.
His father, to console him, related that
once he fancied he saw a rat,
the boy's clever features falling
at the disproportion of the figure.

To see him pray:
his face clouded over
like a child on a potty.

Of but not in.
And many corpses.

His second fall was achieved
when the findings of the robber council
were overturned by that of Chalcedon.
And his condemnation, though final
was not without sympathy
it being understood
that it was his revulsion for Nestorius
which caused him to lean so far to one side
that he himself fell from the way.
And that while this resulted in definition of doctrine
it was to be understood that truth is independent
of whatever formal expression
a fortiori neither reaction nor hazard of scruple
His eyes rested on a cloud of flies,
looping, backstitching the air,
abdomens all straight down,
gravity's lodestones,
the cloud holding shape
as each element remained within
half an armlength of some neighbour.
five different names for the bristles on their faces.

No arts; no letters; no society;
and continual fear


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